Michael Roizen’s and Dr. Oz’s health coaching startup aims to raise $3M

A wellness advice startup founded by Cleveland Clinic wellness chief Dr. Michael Roizen and TV star Dr. Mehmet Oz is looking to raise $3 million in investment funding, according to a regulatory document filed this week.

Not much information on the company, Enforcer eCoaching, is available. It doesn’t have a website, and company executives, including Roizen, have either not responded to inquiries or declined comment.

Nonetheless, MedCity News was able to piece together some information on Enforcer eCoaching for an article last October after we learned of the company’s existence.


The company aims to help customers adopt healthier behaviors through guidance, support and wellness advice that it provides through digital channels.

Here’s how chief operating officer Marty Butler describes Enforcer eCoaching on his LinkedIn page: “A health-and-wellness company with a proven track record of driving enduring behavior change through daily health coaching interactions.”

A previous regulatory document, filed in January 2011, indicated that the company had raised $500,000 from eight investors.

On Dr. Oz’s blog, Roizen has referred to himself as “The Enforcer” and described the role. “So just like I coach on the The Dr. Oz Show, I am acting as ‘the Enforcer’ to 3 Lafarge employees. We do daily emailing together, which I call ‘Enforcer e-coaching.'” Lafarge is a Paris-based concrete and building materials company with 76,000 employees in 78 countries.

Oz and Roizen are known by the moniker the “You Docs” and are also collaborating on another startup, YouBeauty, a website that offers advice and tips to women on the premise that the best way to achieve beauty is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Enforcer eCoaching has recently hired at least two health coaches in the Cleveland area, so it would appear the young company is growing. It’d be reasonable to infer that it’s looking to raise the $3 million in equity to hire more people and further build on that growth.

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