Minnesota health provider creates wellness Web portal for businesses

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A Minnesota nonprofit health provider and insurer is launching a Web portal for businesses who want to promote workplace wellness.

HealthPartners announced Monday that the new interactive Web portal  can be customized to individual businesses to reflect its branding, customized for each individual employee who participates, and can integrate various health and wellness programs that a company may be running to help boost employee engagement.

The HealthPartners Web portal uses games, among other things, to achieve a higher degree of employee participation and sustained engagement. It is part of the nonprofit company’s broader health and well-being solutions that more than a million people nationwide access through their employer, according to a HealthPartners press release.


While the HealthPartner Web portal is aimed at small, medium and large companies, another wellness offering from the state of Minnesota — RedBrick Health, a software firm — is aimed at large, self-insured companies.

The availability of the HealthPartners portal comes at a time of increasing importance of workplace wellness and a realization that a worker’s  health can have a direct impact on a worker’s productivity and in turn the company’s bottom line.

Some companies are even looking for ways to ensure that a worker’s reward gift card for engaging in a wellness program is also spent prudently on healthy purchases.

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