Morning Read: Staff salary data, hedge fund lawsuit, and Hopkins’ $1.1B expansion

Physicians Practice has released its 2012 survey on staff salaries along with advice on how to make sure doctors have the right number of employees in all aspects of a practice. This includes cutting jobs in some areas, adding jobs in others, and making sure that no staff member is overqualified for his or her responsibilities.  Check out the regional data on staff salaries here.

West Coast hedge fund Tang Capital is suing Savient for $100 million in damages because of “the least successful new drug launch in the industy’s history.” Tang says the leadership team at Savient is draining money from the company by failing to recognize that Krystexxa was a flop.

The North Carolina NAACP, the N.C.  AFL-CIO, and the Black Women’s Caucus are calling on Carolina Healthcare System to stop placing liens on houses in response to unpaid medical bills. The groups say that nation’s second largest public hospital system receives millions of dollars in taxpayer support and shouldn’t target vulnerable populations with lawsuits. Carolina Healthcare responded that they don’t force people from their homes, but collect their money when patients die or sell their homes.


Politico identifies five House and Senate races across the country where health care reform will be a central issue. Residents in New York, Montana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will probably hear more debates than they ever wanted to about the pros and cons of Obamacare.

Johns Hopkins Hospital opened two 12-story towers this week, completing a $1.1 billion project that was the biggest in Maryland’s history. Staff moved patients into the new 1.6 million square foot facility over the weekend.


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