Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins headline Content Marketing World Health Summit on Nov. 7

What is the future of content in healthcare? A pair of big thinkers in healthcare marketing from two of America’s elite hospitals will outline their visions as keynote speakers at the Content Marketing World Health Summit hosted by on Nov. 7 and 8 in Cleveland.

Elizabeth Tracey, director of electronic media for Johns Hopkins Medicine, will kick off The Health Summit outlining how healthcare organizations need to think like media companies to attract and retain patients. Then, Lee Aase, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, will end the day with a question-and-answer session where he’ll share his thoughts on innovations in healthcare content and what’s next.

Register now for The Health Summit and get the event’s early bird rate, which is $200 off the full ticket price. The event is at the Cleveland Airport Marriott and begins on Nov. 7 with a series of speakers from all healthcare sectors who will address everything from ethics to the latest technologies in healthcare content marketing. Then, on Nov. 8, the summit concludes with a series of workshops focused on content marketing for hospitals, business-to-business content marketing and healthcare social media.


Tracey has been creating a media-company focus within Johns Hopkins for nearly a decade. Since 2004, Tracey and partner Dr. Rick Lange have hosted a 10-minute broadcast called “PodMed.” She also hosts a daily radio broadcast called the Hopkins Health NewsFeed, which reaches millions of listeners worldwide, and posts to the PodMed-related PodBlog while doing occasional YouTube-style videos to describe the research.

Her keynote will outline the need for healthcare organizations to develop valuable, compelling and relevant information to attract and retain patients and business, the challenges she’s dealt with to do that at Johns Hopkins, and the opportunities it has created to meet real business objectives with measurable results.

Her insights will dovetail perfectly with those of Aase, who has led one of the most aggressive social media efforts in healthcare through his work at Mayo Clinic. Along with the Center for Social Media, Aase also leads the Social Media University, Global (SMUG), a free online higher education institution that provides practical, hands-on training in social media for lifelong learners. Mayo’s YouTube channel is the most popular among all hospitals, and it launched its own version of a Facebook-like service for its patients, among other things.

I will sit down with Aase to close out day 1 of The Health Summit, where we’ll dissect the innovative approaches to healthcare content today, examine Mayo’s approaches and look at what the next innovative approaches are just around the corner.

Elizabeth Tracey and Lee Aase are perfect examples of why The Health Summit will take the healthcare content discussion to a new level and provide actionable guidance for leaders from all sectors on how to wield words to drive ROI for payers, health systems, medical devices and pharma. I hope to see you there.

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