Patients can track, analyze and share their IBS, Crohn’s disease symptoms with this app

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Company name: GI Track LLC.

Industry: digital health.


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Solution/product: An online and iPhone application called MyGITrack for individuals with chronic digestive diseases like Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease or IBS. The app allows a patient to track his daily food intake, symptoms, medications, weight and bowel movements, and share that information with his physician. The platform also generates comprehensive reports that could shed light on how foods and medications affect disease symptoms.

Money raised: $15,000 from two investors, but could raise up to $70,000, according to a recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

How it will be used: The company did not respond to an email inquiry requesting more information.

Investors: unknown.

Management team: President and CEO Mark Repko realized the need to monitor various events to manage his own Crohn’s disease, according to the company’s website. He is a former marketing manager at Roche Diagnostics.

Market opportunity: 20 million Americans have chronic diseases of the digestive system. Monitoring these conditions is the focus of other apps like GI Monitor and GI BodyGuard, and online communities like Crohnology.

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