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HIT firm raises $4.25M to develop Kinect game that could be prescribed for rehab

A healthcare IT startup is developing physical rehabilitation software that could be prescribed by doctors or physical therapists.

Reflexion Health has raised $4.25 million from the West Health Investment Fund for its Rehabilitation Tracker program, according to a company statement. It is an affiliate of the West Health Institute founded by telemarketing billionaires Gary and Mary West.

The program uses Microsoft Kinect motion software licensed from the West Health Institute. The Rehabilitation Tracker provides exercises, instructional videos and patient education material that can be set to the needs of each patient. The software allows a physician and physical therapist to track the performance and adherence of their patient.

The concept of prescribing software programs isn’t a new one. New York-based Happtique has been recruiting for a prescription apps pilot program that includes physical therapy as well as areas such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and personal training.


It’s the second of two companies in the La Jolla, California-based West Health Incubator, also affiliated with the West Health Institute. The first was Sense4Baby, a company developing wireless, remote fetal monitoring systems to help obstetricians monitor the health of a mother and baby remotely when a physician isn’t available.

In an interview with Xconomy, Reflexion CEO and co-founder Spencer Hutchins said it will use the funding to advance development of its interactive software. Hutchins said the company wants to explore a marketing approach that would entail enrolling physicians and physical therapists as resellers who would prescribe the program.
Patient adherence is a hot area for providers who are under pressure to reduce readmissions that stem from issues like not following physician instructions or taking medication.

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