How to match your message with the right social media site (infographic)

“Which social media platform should we be on?”

We hear this question a lot.

Let’s be clear: social media platforms are merely tools. And, as with any task, the tool you select depends on your goals.

Some of the tools in your social media toolbox are better for certain tasks than other tools. So we took a look at the 7 most widely used platforms in the context of 12 possible goals.

If you are in healthcare – either a medical practice or hospital – these are goals that a social media program can help you achieve. Specifically, a well-developed, well-integrated social media program.

Again, the tool depends on the goals. You could use a hammer to drive that Philips-head screw, but it may not be optimal.

Similarly, you could use LinkedIn to provide patient education, but that choice may not be optimal either.

The following infographic places the social media icons for seven common platforms on a scale from thumbs-down (not so great) to thumbs-up (better). So, near the right: good; near the left: not so good.

Before you take personal offense at where your favorite platform falls on the scale, let me clarify. The score (or position on the scale) for each of these platforms depends on two factors:

  1. Whether the platform is well-suited to achieving the task being considered
  2. Whether the platform actually has a connection to the audience being considered

In other words: even if LinkedIn were great for educating patient – LinkedIn has excellent ability to communicate regularly and provide timely updates through Groups – the audience is wrong. The people on LinkedIn are professionals looking to network with other professionals – making the platform poorly suited for reaching patients.

With that huge qualification in mind, if you’d like to read more go to, Healthcare Social Media: How to Choose the Best Tools for the Job.

How do you use these platforms to achieve your goals? Let us know in comments.

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