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Just in time for the holidays, elves combat viruses in mission to save Santa

A Canadian interactive media company that has carved a niche in 3-D medical illustration has developed a Web-based game and soon-to-be-released app for the holidays.  The mission? Cure Santa Claus by killing the viruses that ail him so he can get on with his toy delivery agenda.

InViVo Communication’s game takes on the theme from the Fantastic Voyage, only slightly less dramatic. Instead of international security, the goal is protecting a cultural icon. Players travel around Santa’s body in a nano-sized ship zapping holiday-themed viruses like “Bah Humbugs” and the “West Noel Virus,” from the red suited one’s system.

Originally mentioned on Scientific American’s blog, the game is the latest in a series of interactive programs the company has done to illustrate concepts like the binding activity of a drug, optimal dosing to combat bacteria resistance and providing an educational tool for genomics.

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