As Obamacare gears up for implementation, enthusiasm for it falls. Can it be reversed?

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obamcareThe U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the individual mandate and President Obama’s re-election removed all doubt about whether Obamacare would become the law of the land.

But in 2012, even as the historic decision was handed down by the highest court and even as a majority of the electorate decided to give the president four more years, enthusiasm toward Obamacare was abating.

In fact Deloitte Center for Health Solutions’ 2012 survey of consumers found that between 2011 and 2012, those that felt that Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment was a “good start” ended up losing ground to the undecideds. In 2011, 49 percent described the Affordable Care Act in those terms, while in 2012 that number had fallen to 38 percent. Meanwhile those who were in the undecided category went from 21 percent to 34 percent.

Perhaps it is not surprising. The pitched battles on both sides were bound to have an effect especially regarding something that has still so many unknowns.


But these attitudes are not set in stone and other numbers in the survey point to real opportunities for Obamacare to win hearts and minds.

For instance, 57 percent of consumers want to be able to customize their health plans rather than depend on pre-defined options – as is the case with most employer-sponsored health insurance.

In this context, how state health insurance exchanges develop and begin operating in 2014 may have a lasting impact on how people view Obamacare. It is conceivable that if these exchanges work to introduce some healthy competition into the insurance marketplace, people may choose to buy their insurance on their own in lieu of employer-based insurance.

This will take some time of course – major insurance companies like UnitedHealth Group have already indicated that at least initially they will not offer products in more than a handful of state-run exchanges.

Still, there will be some opportunity to turn consumer sentiment at least away from the undecided category.

While enrollment in these state-run exchanges begin in the fall, we probably have to wait until Deloitte’s 2014 survey to get a better sense of whether the tide has shifted in favor of  Obamacare.

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Arundhati Parmar

By Arundhati Parmar

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State exhanges will be the DEATH of The Unaffordable Health Care Act. Texas will NEVER comply with this Federal requirement, since it will bankrupt the State. Thank GOD we people with common sense (the majority of U.S. citizens not on the east or west coast - those of us in middle America) are just saying no to tyrant Obama.

Mandate Amendment
Mandate Amendment

Popularity of Obamacare will very likely shift once people realize the huge threat the Roberts' decision is to individual rights. Obamacare and the SCOTUS decision on the mandate means now corporations can pretty much force us to do anything just by getting a bunch of politicians to agree to it by a 51% majority vote.  How can those on the Left and in the medical field not see that eventually a person like Bush will be back in office and now that this power has been granted by them the likes of one of the worst Republican presidents will possess **the same right**.  Just bizarre.


There is although one last hope to end not just the Obamacare assault on the health care industry, but also to end the ominous and definite effects the Roberts' decision will have on future generations as government and corporations combine to force American citizens to do just about anything by way of the taxation. It is called the Mandate Amendment to the US Constitution - short, simple, and common sense:


"Congress shall make no law mandating the purchase of a product or service from a private entity"


This is a bold and courageous effort to strike at the heart of this precedent now while much of our country is appalled by the decision and the infrastructure and dependence upon the law is not sewn into the fabric of our country.  If we build a coalition now, we will be poised to have candidates pledge support as they run against incumbents next midterm election.  We believe in the next election the Democrats will be out of excuses for a failing economy and the country will be well positioned for candidates that favor American principles and therefore this Amendment.


Please join us, this is our last hope.  Just Google Mandate Amendment for more information or find us on Facebook and Twitter.