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Startup uses 3D printer to prototype products, bring assembly in house

MakerBot Replicator

Beam Brush sells a toothbrush with an embedded Bluetooth chip to track brushing habits. The startup has used a 3D printer to bring much of the assembly in-house. Read the post below for more details about how the digital health startup has used the printer to save money and reimagine the manufacturing process.

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In addition to bringing the toothbrush into the 21st century, Beam Brush is changing the prototyping process for medical device startups.

“We are one of the first consumer medical device companies to use 3D printers and one of the first companies to own the Replicator 2,” co-founder Alex Fromeyer said.

Beam has used the 3D printer for prototyping and manufacturing.

“We wanted to build a stand for our toothbrush because early customers had started asking for one,” he said.

By using the printer to get the initial design right, Beam sent the final spec to the manufacturer.
“We didn’t have to engage the mold maker at a cost to us because we were 90% of the way there,” he said.
The mold maker just had to transfer the spec from the maker bot format to its software and start making the mold.

“We also built our own supply chain and we do packaging and fulfillment,” he said.

Check out the slide show above to see how Fromeyer, Alex Curry and Daniel Dykes have used the printer to make manufacturing and assembling the brushes easier as well.