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Tracking the biotech sector? Follow these 9 industry insiders on Twitter

twitter blue birdAs the biotechnology sector continues to recover from a period of slow growth, the new year is finding the industry facing potential fallout if sequestration goes forward. With early stage venture funding dried up and IPOs rare, younger, smaller companies are eyeing alternative sources of investment. They are also being encouraged to think about how they will commercialize their products, even before clinical trials get started. Potential partners are demanding more from the companies they back.

Those were some of the issues that punctuated the BIO CEO conference in New York this week. Now that the conference has wrapped up, here are some of the thought leaders, industry insiders and reporters from the biotech sector worth following on Twitter.

Michael Gilman (@Michael_Gilman) is the senior vice president for early stage programs at Biogen Idec.

Richard Goss (@rggoss) is the lead analyst covering emerging pharma and biotech companies at Datamonitor.


Luke Timmerman (@ldtimmerman) is the national biotechnology editor for Xconomy.

Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) is a senior columnist at The Street and covers biotech and drug stocks.

Laura Strong (@scientre) runs a private, clinical stage biotech company developing cancer drugs.

Tim Walbert (@HorizonPharmCEO) is the chairman, president and CEO of Horizon Pharma.

Andrew Steen (@steen1969) works with life science startups at @MetaCyte Business Lab.

Stephen Dickman (@cbtadvisors) is the founder and CEO of CBT Advisors, a life sciences consultancy.

Marie Powers (@mariempowers) a staff writer at BioWorld Today.

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