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Mobile health tourney: App to estimate blood loss during surgery faces tool to assess burn injury treatment

An app that could help alert surgeons how much blood a patient has lost faces an educational app developed by Johns Hopkins Mobile Medicine unit to assess the needs of burn victims and how to determine burn severity.

The NCAA College Basketball tournament may be must-see TV but here mobile health apps and devices are in the throes of competition and the stakes are high. Adherence, remote monitoring, engagement, improved outcomes, reduced healthcare costs. So begins our mini tournament of mobile health apps.

Gauss Pixel App by Gauss Surgical (FDA cleared) vs. BurnMedPro by Johns Hopkins Mobile Medicine 

Estimating blood loss during surgery can be a complicated issue. Surgical teams use visual estimation to assess how much blood a patient has lost during procedures. Overestimating or underestimating blood loss can lead to patient complications, morbidity and mortality and ramp up costs. So Gauss Surgical’s Pixel App addresses an inadequately met need and could make a significant impact in the surgical space.  The app scans surgical surfaces that are covered in blood such as gauze. Those images are sent to a cloud where the apps algorithms calculates an estimate. The BurnMedPro is an educational app designed to help med students assess body surface area using a 3-D model for burn victims. It also provides guides for early assessment of severe injuries, video and image tutorials to determine burn severity and proper handling.

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Winner: Gauss Pixel App

Why? Gauss’ app responds to a significant need and could reduce extended hospitalization and healthcare costs.