Physician entrepreneurs launch incubator for docs in Austin

Dr. Tim Gueramy Dr. Tracey HaasDoctors in Austin launched a new incubator for physicians to honor the work of a colleague who died the day he finished his patent application.

Walters Pilot Project was started to finish the patent work that a hand surgeon started. Robert “Bob” Walters had just completed the paperwork for a new thumb joint when he died of a heart attack. Pilot in the group’s name is short for “physician incubator.”

Dr. Tim Gueramy said that he and Dr. Tracey Haas, the co-founders of DocBookMD, and a couple friends started the group to support Walters’ family and acquire the patent. The group started four months ago and has grown to almost 20 people.
“We already have one person working on a new business,” Gueramy said. “I think this is the only incubator designed for doctors in the country.”

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