A critical hire for your healthcare data analytics team: journalist (video)

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Pamela Peele healthcare analytics UPMCData entry staff. Statisticians. Analysts. All are critical to building a healthcare data analytics team that can deliver clean data and then process it. But there’s another critical hire to make sure the data delivered to executives actually gets read.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s data analytics team includes a professional journalist who takes the raw data and turns it into a clean report anyone can read. Pamela Peele, the chief analytics officer of the Insurance Services Division at UPMC, said simply handing over rows of numbers and charts without a more polished presentation will mean executives will be less likely to consider the information hidden within the numbers.

“We can create a wealth of knowledge but our c-suite is the one that has to consume the knowledge,” Peele said Tuesday at the World Health Care Congress in Washington, D.C. “They are accustomed to consuming knowledge in a very different way than analysts are accustomed to producing knowledge.”

A journalist is the “translation between the creation of knowledge out of analytics and the delivery of that knowledge in a fast and consumable form to our c-suite.”

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Fascinating idea.  At the core of the idea is that the data needs to be put into a consumable format.  A journalist is one way, but good luck finding a journalist that's great at understanding healthcare data.  It's just as hard as finding a data person who can tell a story using the data as well as a journalist.