Wireless scanner combines 3D ultrasound and image processing in a hand-held device


Image of scanner from dBMEDx website

A hand-held, battery-operated device that integrates imaging and image processing technology could in the near future allow medical professionals to take 3D ultrasound images with minimal training and at a lower cost.

That’s the premise of dBMEDx, a medical device startup that’s just secured a $1.1 million round of financing to finish development work on its first product, a diagnostic scanner for use in urology.

In this application, the device would automate the measurement of bladder volume, a metric used by hospitals and urologists in diagnosing urinary disorders without the use of catheters, which are invasive and can put patients at risk for infection.


A second application for the technology, which wirelessly transmits data to a console or mobile platform, is to automate the measurement of central venous pressure and total blood volume, measurements are frequently used in critical care scenarios. dBMEDx’s device would be adhered to a patient’s abdomen for rapid diagnosis of low blood volume.

The platform scanning technology was developed by Bill Barnard, who previously worked on a bladder measurement device for Diagnostic Ultrasound, now Verathon (acquired by Roper Industries in 2009).

The startup was founded in 2010 in Littleton, Colorado.

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