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10 telehealth insiders to follow on Twitter

Social media bubble word cloudAs the American Telemedicine Association’s 2013 conference gets underway in Austin this weekend, the event’s attendees reflect the variety of solutions providers are testing and implementing across primary care, dermatology, pediatrics and follow up care, to name a few. If you’re attending #ATA 2013 or using social media to keep updated, here are 10 industry insiders you should be following on Twitter.

Ting Shih (@TingatClick) is the CEO and founder of Click Medix, a telehealth startup enabling physicians to reach more patients through mobile phone/tablet facilitated remote diagnosis, as well as remote training and supervision of their staff assistants, nurses, and health workers.

Jo Masterson (@JoMasterson) is the COO and co-founder of 2Morrow, a software company specializing in mobile behavior change applications for the public and for organizations.

Clint Phillips (@ClintGPhillips) is the CEO and founder of 2nd.MD, a second opinion service that connects users to specialists by phone or by Web.


Ben Green (@BenGreenMD) is the medical director for Carena Medical Providers and Care Simple (@GoCareSimple), a Seattle-based startup providing virtual housecalls.

Milton Chen (@MiltonVSee) is the CEO of VSee, a HIPAA compliant video conferencing company that numbers healthcare providers among its clients.

Nirav Desai (@handsontel) is a telehealth consultant and CEO of Hands on Telehealth.

Deydre Teyhen (@dteyhen) is the acting director for the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (@TATRC_RP) — the “telemedicine testbed” for the Department of Defense. She will be participating in a panel discussion moderated by Ben Chodor (@57BenChodor) of Happtique (@Happtique) on Delivery of Specialized Healthcare Services via Mobile Apps & Technologies.

Jack Young (@youngjhmb) is the director of the Qualcomm Life Fund at Qualcomm Ventures and a judge for the telemedicine venture investment fair.

Christina Thielst (@Cthielst) is co-chair of the Telestroke Initiative for the Western States and vice president with Tower, patient experience consulting group.

Daniel Ruppar (@DanielRuppar) is the global program manager for connected health with Frost & Sullivan.

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