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Oh the places we’ll go: Humana director offers glimpse of what faster data access could do for healthcare

One of the most vexing questions in healthcare is figuring out how to surmount the IT obstacles between providers that slow down the the exchange of data between health systems and patients. But what would be the ideal if you were to make more medical data accessible?

In an interview at the ENGAGE conference in Washington, D.C., Humana’s Director of Patient Engagement Marcia Guida James said the realtime exchange of data would also help patients and physicians access test results much faster. Inclusion of physician data would allow patients to better understand their physician skill sets so they can make more informed choices. Health plans will better understand what makes their patients tick and the best way to engage them to overcome any adherence issues.

“The reimbursement structure will change and we will have made the movement completely to value-based care, ” said James. “I think you see hospitals getting to that tipping point of being able to share data we are early in bringing data together. We will be in adolescence in another couple of years.”


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