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Doc and designer imagine patient-positive interface for Google Glass

Patients and Google Glass

Dr. Ted Eytan and Stephanie Nguyen of Silica Labs created this prototype for a doctor-patient interaction using Google Glass. The software could offer a doctor a quick scan of a patient’s basic information when she enters the exam room.

This could include everything from a map of where the person lives to what she prefers to be called to any allergies she has. Eytan wrote about the design on his blog:

… I have observed many a clinician visit where the physician/nurse/clinician doesn’t ask or inquire about what the patient does during the day, where they live, or what their “health” environment is like. At the same time, I have seen the converse (and have always asked myself), and see how it changes the interaction to be much more tailored to the patient’s life goals rather than their biologic status.

Doctors can’t use Glass this way currently, but there are lots of people working on software that could make this prototype a reality.

Now that I’ve had some time to work with Glass, I can see a situation where a QR code might be presented on the exam room monitor or somewhere else in the workflow to allow the practitioner quick access to electronic health record details, or of course through voice commands (but I think QR might be quicker..).

Check out the whole set of pictures on Eytan’s blog to see the entire experience.

Yen Greene (@yengreene), the operations manager of the Center for Total Health, portrayed the patient in this scenario, Mrs. Susan Smith.

[Photo from Dr. Ted Eytan on Flickr]

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