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Mayo docs’ new ER & ICU data analytics startup finds support from Social+Capital, Rock Health

Health CareIT solutions that have helped doctors in the fast-paced emergency department and intensive care unit at Mayo Clinic make more informed care decisions are coming to other hospitals via a new startup.

Ambient Clinical Analytics is publicly launching today with $1.1 million in seed funding from The Social+Capital Partnership, Rock Health and Mayo Clinic.

The company’s decision-support tools are based on a core set of technologies seeded from Mayo, including a multi-patient management tool called YES Board and a clinical EMR tool called AWARE.

AWARE filters only a patient’s most relevant EMR and vital-sign data on to a single screen dashboard, to minimize information overload for doctors, the company says. It’s being tested in a three-year pilot study funded by a CMS Health Care Innovation Award.


“[…] I would arrive in the ICU and spend the first hours just coming to terms with basic patient facts,” said Dr. Brian Pickering, a member of the founding clinical team, in the company’s announcement. “By applying technology to this situation, we found a way to hit the ground running. This application is designed to make transitions of care safer and more efficient.”

YES Board was designed to give emergency room physicians a big-picture view of patient flow and status in the department, and allow them to assign staff from a single application.

Both solutions also leverage technologies that connect patient data with mobile devices and “data sniffers” that trigger alerts when potential sepsis or acute lung injury is detected.

Ambient is getting in on a market that’s expected to balloon to $21 billion by 2020 – but the array of offerings has already made it hard for vendors to distinguish themselves, according to a Chilmark Research report. Maybe the Mayo ties and ED/ICU tailoring will help in that regard.

The CEO is Al Berning, an entrepreneur who took his EMS company Pemstart to an IPO, and then sold it to Benchmark Electronics in the mid-2000s.

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