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Verizon gets FDA clearance to expand remote monitoring platform to iOS users

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Verizon Converged Health ManagementVerizon has received FDA clearance that will expand a physician-facing patient engagement tool to capture patient data between office visits to the iOS network, according to a company statement. The majority of physicians using mobile devices tend to be iPhone and iPad users.

The Converged Health Management platform is a cloud-based tool that transmits patient data to physicians’ mobile devices. “Status categories” are designed to make it easier for physicians to spot declines in their patients’ condition so they can intervene before they need to be hospitalized.

Although clinicians can access the data for analysis and intervention, patients can view the data too.

It also added Telcare and Genesis blood glucose monitors to biometric devices on its platform, which began with Ideal Life’s blood pressure cuff, glucose monitor model, pulse oximeter and weight scale with a total of six devices. The platform is designed to accomodate more.


Verizon initially got FDA device approval for Converged in August last year.

A survey from researcher Black Book found 68 percent of  physicians said they used iPhones. The Converged Health Management software application collects and stores biometric data from physiological measurement devices, according to a company statement.


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Interesting so let me put my data mechanics hat on here.  Don't take this as me not being an technology person as I am and would not have developed an EMR years ago if I didn't think there was value but keep that word tucked in here.  

We know how insurers work too and we have medication compliance and insurer docking incentives for patients not taking meds and so on.  They algo get dinged for missing mammograms on patients that have been dead for several years too, flawed data stuff.

With that in mind with the alerts, oh boy here we go with data than can be quantitated and doctors judged on how many alerts they schedule and how many patients reacted...oh yes this is next...been around this too long and when you are a query master combined with a number of years in sales and marketing not hard to predict the behavior.  People that develop software and self included by nature are "query monsters" as we walk around wanting to find value and it goes with the territory.  Some query masters are motivated by money only and not value..where the algo duping comes in to sell a model that works in the virtual world but not in the real world.  I talk to quants all the time about this and heck they are the big modelers and everything they write doesn't work. 

The platform here for communications is good, but I just had a CEO of hospital tell me yesterday after reading my blog, he's wants to works as hard as he can to stay off the get it now:)

The data sellers, Verizon and others will kick right in with this and even SAS wants to broker the data from some of these programs for them for more money...I would hook my device up with a USB cable connected to Health vault faster than anything else out there right now.  Sure HealthVault works with Fitbit and the other data sellers but by the time the data going to HealthVault arrives for you it's already been scraped and ready for sale from the apps that connect, so why direct with HealthVault would be a winner.  In case you missed it in the UK, NHS sold 47 millions records to an insurance company and we probably have that too here but nobody's been caught yet is my feelings.

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