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Verizon gets FDA clearance to expand remote monitoring platform to iOS users

Verizon Converged Health ManagementVerizon has received FDA clearance that will expand a physician-facing patient engagement tool to capture patient data between office visits to the iOS network, according to a company statement. The majority of physicians using mobile devices tend to be iPhone and iPad users.

The Converged Health Management platform is a cloud-based tool that transmits patient data to physicians’ mobile devices. “Status categories” are designed to make it easier for physicians to spot declines in their patients’ condition so they can intervene before they need to be hospitalized.

Although clinicians can access the data for analysis and intervention, patients can view the data too.

It also added Telcare and Genesis blood glucose monitors to biometric devices on its platform, which began with Ideal Life’s blood pressure cuff, glucose monitor model, pulse oximeter and weight scale with a total of six devices. The platform is designed to accomodate more.


Verizon initially got FDA device approval for Converged in August last year.

A survey from researcher Black Book found 68 percent of  physicians said they used iPhones. The Converged Health Management software application collects and stores biometric data from physiological measurement devices, according to a company statement.


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