Fresh from fundraising, Neuros Medical hires chief technology officer, appoints clinical advisers

Fresh from its first round of fundraising, neurostimulation device developer Neuros Medical Inc. has hired a chief technology officer and appointed a board of advisers.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Neurostimulation device developer Neuros Medical Inc. has hired a chief technology officer and appointed a board of advisers.

Neuros Medical is a start-up company that is developing a nerve-stimulating device to block chronic pain. In late October, the company landed $1.8 million from several investors during its first round of venture financing.

Neuros Medical is developing a nerve-stimulating device based on technology created by Kevin Kilgore and Dr. Niloy Bhadra of Case Western Reserve University’s Biomedical Engineering Department and MetroHealth Medical Center, both in Cleveland. The “nerve block” system uses a pacemaker-sized generator and an electrode to stimulate nerves to block pain.

Initially, the device is being developed to block residual limb pain caused by complications of amputations, as well as chronic pain after surgery and migraine pain.

Neuros Medical has hired Zi-Ping Fang as its chief technology officer. Fang has more than 25 years of experience in neurostimulation technology development and clinical research, and will lead the company’s technology and clinical development efforts.

Fang has post-doctoral training in neuroscience from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and a PhD in biomedical engineering, also from Case. He also has held several executive level positions in the neuroscience industry. “I have been impressed with their progress over the past year and am enthusiastic for our nerve block applications in the chronic pain market,” Fang said about Neuros Medical in a written statement.

Neuros Medical also has formed a clinical advisory board led by Dr. Amol Soin who was trained as an interventional pain physician at the Cleveland Clinic and now is operating founder of the Ohio Pain Clinic, a network of chronic pain clinics in Southwest Ohio.

“I believe that the Neuros Medical nerve block technology has the potential to make a major impact in the treatment of chronic pain,” Soin said in the statement. “As a practicing physician who sees the frustration that
patients have to experience due to a lack of effective pain treatment available to them, the Neuros Medical technology has the potential to positively alter the chronic pain treatment landscape.”

Jon Snyder, president and CEO of Neuros Medical, said he expects the two leaders to “be instrumental in moving our technology into the marketplace as a treatment option for chronic pain.”

Neuros Medical Inc., a start-up company that is developing a neurostimulation device to block chronic pain, has landed $1.8 million from several investors during its first round of venture financing.