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Cleveland Clinic, cities to discuss Huron Hospital trauma center

In a joint statement, the cities of East Cleveland and Cleveland, and the Cleveland Clinic have agreed to review trauma services in Cuyahoga County through discussion rather than through litigation.

In a joint statement, the cities of East Cleveland and Cleveland, and the Cleveland Clinic have agreed to review trauma services in Cuyahoga County through discussion rather than through litigation.

The Clinic’s announcement on Oct. 15 that it would close Huron Hospital’s Level II trauma center by the end of the year and sending patients to Hillcrest Hospital 8.5 miles away drew fire from residents and elected officials of both cities.

A lawsuit was filed as an injunction to stop the move indefinitely.

Clinic spokeswoman Eileen Sheil tells Channel 3 News that the Clinic has agreed to back away from the firm end-of-the-year closing, and with the lawsuit dropped, the parties can enter into discussions.

The statement reads: “In order to foster constructive dialogue, the parties have agreed that Level II trauma services at Huron Hospital will remain open, and the cities’ lawsuit will be dismissed.

“The discussions will begin immediately and will include representatives from the cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland, as well as experts from across the county. The goal is to continue the progress being made by the Northern Ohio Trauma System and to reach an agreement [that] builds a trauma system that best serves the needs of our residents.

“If an agreement cannot be reached, the cities and the Cleveland Clinic retain their respective rights.”

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