GSK seeking more pharma partners to fill early stage pipeline (Video)

GlaxoSmithKline executive Ad Rawcliffe says the pharmaceutical company is looking for more opportunities to partner as it rebalances its early and late stage drug pipelines. He recently gave a video interview to MedCity News.

GlaxoSmithKline’s late stage drug pipeline has many candidates that originally came from the laboratories of other drug companies. But London-based GSK (NYSE:GSK) also aims to more aggressively externalize to its early stage pipeline as well.

About 50 percent of GSK’s early stage pipeline is partnered in some form or another. Ad Rawcliffe, GSK senior vice president worldwide business development and R&D finance, says that while the company is not neglecting its own internal R&D, GSK is actively seeking additional early stage opportunities. This strategy follows a review two years ago to determine where the company’s science was likely or unlikely to be productive.

“We’ve been aggressively externalizing it on the basis of being world class where we can be, and where we can’t, find someone else and partner with them,” he said.

Rawcliffe said that GSK and other pharmas need to break the cycle of investing in R&D where a company is currently selling rather than investing where the opportunities are. At the CED Biotech/Life Science Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, which this year included a GSK-sponsored “venture day” as part of a heavy conference focus on partnering and investing, Rawcliffe spoke with MedCity News about the company’s pipeline and partnership strategies.

Rawcliffe also addressed recent layoffs in GSK’s Neurosciences Medicines Center in R&D, most of which happened at GSK’s U.S. headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Rawcliffe explained that the cuts are part of the company’s plans to focus its R&D efforts.

Here’s what he said on venture capital and partnerships:

… on GSK’s drug pipeline:

… on layoffs in neurosciences medicines R&D: