More evidence in the great vitamin debate (Morning Read)

Current medical news from today, including are vitamins good for you?, healthcare reform lessons from a comic book, and an innovative mouthguard to measure head trauma in sports.

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The great vitamin debate. The question has been popping up frequently over the past several years — are vitamins really good for you? Here are two more medical studies with results that suggest vitamins can be harmful to one’s health: In one study of 35,000 men, participants taking vitamin E and selenium had a slightly higher risk of developing prostate cancer. In another study, women who took multivitamins had a higher risk of dying than those who didn’t.

Zombies, vampires and superheroes meet healthcare… in MIT economist Jonathan Gruber’s 152-page comic book called “Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It’s Necessary, How It Works,” scheduled for release early next year.

A mouthguard that measures. Over the past few years, as concerns over head injuries in contact sports have grown, researchers have been using sensor helmets to measure the impact of the blows sustained by football players. But Stanford researchers are trying something new this season — sensor mouthguards to measure how different kinds of blows affect the brain.

In case you missed it… At the end of last week, the FDA and CMA announced a parallel review program that would allow medical device companies to have their products reviewed for FDA approval and Medicare coverage simultaneously.

Angel investing picks up some slack. Slowed venture capital and private equity fundraising are yesterday’s news — today, the Center for Venture Research is reporting that angel investment dollars rose almost 5 percent in the first half of this year compared to last, with one-quarter of the investments in health services and medical devices.