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Nine startups that represent the future of disruptive health (Weekend Rounds)

A review of life science current events you need to know about this week, including medical technology of the future that’s taking shape now and the eight human behaviors costing employers the most money in healthcare expenditures.

A bite-sized review of life science current events you need to know about this week.

From diagnostics to regeneration to telemedicine, these young health technology companies are showing us some of the “medicine of the future” that’s taking shape now.

Poor diet, smoking and six other behaviors contribute to 15 chronic conditions that account for more than 65 percent of employers’ healthcare expenditures.

An app for medical device sales reps shows how a device works during surgery using 3D simulation and lets surgeons interact with one another and the rep.

Cleveland Clinic is the latest hospital to begin rolling out iPhones in place of BlackBerrys for its doctors.

In a move to gain access to early stage innovation, Johnson & Johnson is opening innovation centers in Europe and China as well as in Boston.

We didn’t write these, but you should read them anyway.

Following the resignation of WellPoint CEO Angela Braly, CNN interviewed Lori Beer, the company’s executive vice president, enterprise business services. (CNN Money)

Apparently that delicious buttery flavoring in your microwave popcorn could be dangerous to your health. This Colorado man was just awarded $7.2 million for learning that the hard way. (Reuters)

“I saw it on Tech Crunch.” “It’s stealth, so I can’t say too much right now.” It’s all s*#& Silicon Valley VCs say. (Lisa Suennen)

Apparently, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was “infuriated” with Chief Justice John Roberts over the Court’s healthcare reform decision. (The Hill)

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