#JPM14 inspiration: A drinking game for your next life science conference

Brian Reid knows how to have fun when conferences get boring. Inspired by JP Morgan 2014, he created a drinking game and invited his Twitter followers to go ice skating with him.


The big JPMorgan conference in San Francisco is half over. Two-and-a-half days of entrepreneurs, investors and big promises gave Brian Reid the inspiration for a way to protect your brain from jargon overload:

By this time at #JPM14, there’s been something like 200 presentations, and certain patterns are emerging. And though so many of the buzzwords are recycled, I want to make sure the remainder of the conference is interesting. We need a drinking game. Take a sip if you hear:

“Strategic partnership” [Take an extra sip]
“Innovative, strategic partnership” [Finish the glass]
“Unmet need”
“Unmet need in this competitive space” [Finish the bottle]
“We’re returning cash to shareholders”
“We have transformed our company for growth” (h/t to Chris Morrison)
“Skate to where the puck is going to be”
“Emerging markets”
“Treatment pathways”
“The breadth of our portfolio”?

Reid is director of WCG, an integrated communications company. He specializes in life science communications, regulatory action and new media. He is a longtime Washington, D.C. journalist, so his tolerance for buzzwords must be extremely high, not to mention his expertise in translating them.

He knows how to have fun at industry events. The picture above is him taking an ice staking break Tuesday.