Rule No. 1 for getting a healthcare investment: Pitch only at places that matter

So many conferences to give you the “honor” of presenting to investors (often in exchange for a four-figure fee). How many deliver? I know of at least one that does: the company showcase at the 2015 MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum Company Showcase on March 10-11 in Chicago. Applications are open. Deadline in Jan. 7. Apply now!

Investor conferences are as overbuilt as shopping malls. So many promise to give you the honor of presenting to hundreds of investors (often in exchange for a four-figure fee). How many deliver?

It used to be only the investors who had to be discerning. Now, entrepreneurs need to track which conferences seeking their time and treasure can actually deliver the right venue, investors and serious capital.

I know of at least one conference that delivers. It brings together angels, venture, big lenders and strategics. Think Baird Capital and Baxter Ventures; GE Capital, Highmark Ventures and Mayo Clinic Ventures; and Lemhi Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and Venture Investors. Plus, the cost to pitch is more than half the cost of a regular ticket.

Startups from health IT, digital health, biotech, pharma, medical device and diagnostics can now register for the company showcase at the 2015 MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum on March 10-11 in Chicago. Investors from across the country will come to the only national healthcare conference based in the Midwest, where you’ll get both unique insights and dealflow.

Deadline to apply is Jan. 7, 2015. Apply now.

The conference is a partnership between and the Mid-America Healthcare Investors Network.

At least 30 privately-held companies – 10 from pharma and biotech; 10 from medical devices and diagnostics; and 10 from health IT and digital health – will present. Companies must fit the following criteria:

  • Products and innovations must come from the biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, digital health, Health IT, industrial biotech, medical device or regenerative medicine sectors
  • Companies must have completed at least one round of seed financing prior to the forum and are currently or will be seeking additional rounds of capital within six to 12 months of the conference
  • There is a preference is given to MidAmerica-based companies

Companies accepted into the showcase are required to pay a one-time nominal fee of $250 which includes one (1) complimentary registration ($1,095 value), one (1) guaranteed presentation slot and a company profile on the conference web site. Companies will also get a ticket discount code for $695 tickets to provide to colleagues, and a discounted rate of $1,500 for an optional exhibit table which provides higher visibility at the conference.

Here’s to pitching at the only investor conferences that matter. I hope to see you in March in Chicago.