Jon Stewart talks Doc Fix and why Congress’s celebration of bipartisanship is just bizarre

On The Daily Show Monday night, Jon Stewart pointed out how humorous it is that Congress is celebrating the Doc Fix bill and bipartisanship so much even though they were really just doing their jobs.

Although some healthcare professionals aren’t entirely pleased with the passing of the Doc Fix bill, which now replaced the sustainable growth rate (SGR), Congress is quite pleased with themselves.

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he points to the irony of the celebratory aspect of this bill passing in a bipartisanship manor. For one thing, it took 18 years to do it – not exactly impressive.

“You decided to wait until your procrastination could legally vote,” Stewart joked. “Good for Congress. They finally passed a simple fix for a real problem they they themselves created back in 1997.”

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Stewart’s sarcasm continues when he compares the rare bipartisan agreement to Halley’s Comet. And then there was Obama’s special-occasion bill signing outdoors in which he congratulates Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner for the work they did together.

As Stewart put it, “They don’t need a trophy for showing up. They’re Congress, not millennials.” Then Boehner appearing to shed a tear during the announcement of the passing really got Stewart really worked up, “Imagine if normal people reacted this way to the dutiful executing of basic occupational tasks…”

This prompted a hilarious video segment titled: “If Life Were Like Congress.”