Orphan Black Season 3 premiere is just around the corner. Brace Yourself

Anticipation for Season 3 of Orphan Black is building. What the future will be for the clones we love and the ones we soon might hate is currently undetermined.

BBC’s Orphan Black has gained somewhat of a cult following at this point. Tatiana Maslany, the lead actress who plays multiple clones, has created an impressive array of characters many of us are itching to see in the Season 3 premiere tomorrow. But there will be much/many more involved this time around.

The show centers around the multiple female clones we’ve learned to love (mostly) that were part of an experiment conducted by the Dyad Institute, which patented their genome. Quite a disturbing notion. And now that they’ve discovered they’re one of many, they’re looking for resolution or a sort of restitution. But they aren’t the only ones that Dyad created, it turns out. there’s a group of male clones that will surely mix up the third season – clones kept in the hands of the government.

As Brian Lowry wrote for Variety:

Maslany’s various personalities have gradually learned about their shared origins, the product of something known as Project Leda, but much of their background remains mysterious. Part of season three hinges on clues potentially buried within a book, as well as the revelation of male counterparts, known as Project Castor, a group of highly trained soldiers fully aware of each other’s existence and brought to sinister multi-headed life by Ari Millen.

It will be tough for Millen to match Maslany’s execution of playing multiple characters so meticulously. But I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now, and the season previews definitely demonstrate that he can be sufficiently creepy.

There have been so many ups and downs thus far in the sci-fi series. The implications about how biotech can go to the dark side are clear. And as the show progresses it will be interesting to see how more details about the scientific angle of the clone’s situation and initial creation gets revealed.

I’ve been a strong advocate for this show, and I really hope Season 3 delivers.

So, as excitement builds in anticipation for tomorrow’s premiere, might as well watch a few of the Season 3 trailers to see what we have in store and get hyped up. Have at it.