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Former Disney star Demi Lovato speaks out: Bipolar disorder doesn’t define her

Demi Lovato is using her celebrity platform to share about the realities of her experience with bipolar disorder.

Demi Lovato, recording artist, actress and former Disney star has been very outspoken and transparent about her diagnosis with bipolar disorder. Now, she is still doing her part to clear up potential misconceptions and generalizations about the condition, as well as emphasizing that bipolar disorder is not who you are.

In an effort to explain what bipolar disorder is really like, Lovato told Yahoo Health that it’s “not just something where you’re just all over the place with your emotions. It’s actually a chemical imbalance in your brain and it’s an illness.”

The term “bipolar” has been thrown around more frequently and casually since the disorder became more well-known. People might jokingly say they are bipolar when they can’t make decisions or when they are moody. But Lovato is attempting to make it clear that it’s much more than that. And even though it’s complex and challenging, it doesn’t define who a person is or what they are capable of.

She has used her Instagram account as a platform for #BeVocalSpeakUp in the effort to help others feel heard and encourage people to reach out if they need help.

Photo: Flickr user Neon Tommy