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Do health policy wonks love their IUDs? Twitter investigates

The subject of IUDs might be controversial to some, but those in the healthcare field are having an open conversation.

Reporting about healthcare can change the perspective of those covering the sector and their understanding of how to effectively manage their own health, beyond just writing about it.

One particular area that was highlighted on Twitter today is the discussion of Intrauterine Devices for birth control (IUDs). Sarah Kliff, a writer for Vox and formerly for Washington Post, Politico and Newsweek, shared some insight pulled from a Vox piece today that got some telling responses.

Here are some responses to her tweet that indicate a trend in opinions about the birth control option (there are overlaps because of the response-to aspect on Twitter).



@sangerkatz @sarahkliff @andrewmseaman @ArmstrongDrew that’s the surest sign that your gyn isn’t reading the lit at all. So so outdated.

— Hannah Recht (@hannah_recht) May 20, 2015

An IUD is a method of birth control designed for insertion into a woman’s uterus that make it difficult for fertilization of an egg. Long-term birth control options like IUDs have been controversial, but when it comes to lowering numbers of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, the devices are gaining prominence and acceptance.