What the tech sector gets wrong when trying to change healthcare (video)

The tech vendors want to make money in healthcare, they have to learn to live in two worlds.

The tech sector comes up with all kinds of great ideas to change the medical industry? So why do so many flop in healthcare?

The devil is in the details and the disruption, said Jana Katz-Bell, assistant dean at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing and the UC Davis School of Medicine.

Katz-Bell was part of a UC Davis contingent speaking this weekend at the ATA 2015 conference in Los Angeles. She said vendors offering telehealth solutions often forget that healthcare is caught between two systems: the old fee-for-service model and new methods of payment that will evolve as Obamacare and other reforms take hold.

Most vendors are designed for the future, she said. “How do we balance that investment?” she said.

Plus, the tech sector is clearly learning about healthcare. Tech vendors also don’t realize that each kind of healthcare provider is looking at these changes different: from the small practice to the big hospital.

Bottom line: tech can move faster than healthcare can. But tech, in many cases, needs to slow down if they want to get paid.