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Shark Tank’s Daymond John to launch incubator that could address needs for kids with learning disabilities

Shark Tank’s Daymond John is planning to start an incubator that could address a very specific type of startup.

Daymond John, fashion entrepreneur, motivational speaker, branding mastermind and one of the more likeable Shark Tank investors, is planning to launch a new startup incubator.

It could potentially be a venue for companies that are addressing learning disabilities, which John has been challenged with himself.

“I know I’m going to do it, I’m just not certain if it’s going to be an incubator for kids with learning disabilities, like dyslexia or attention deficit disorder, or something else,” John, who has dyslexia, told Inc.. “I want it to be a little different in regards to the angle.”

There isn’t an apparent set timeline or plan for the program just yet, but John told Inc. that with this incubator, he is “looking for the next Zuckerberg.”

He also said, “I’m corralling all our great corporate partners as well as my personal ‘Sharks’ to look into an incubator that I think will be powerful.”

Here’s a clip of John explaining why he does what he does – and why he loves it: