Genomic testing, preventing hospital readmissions part of Blueprint Health’s latest class

Blueprint Health’s eighth accelerator class includes bill payment to nurse recruitment.

Blueprint Health‘s eighth accelerator class  includes companies that help prospective parents get more information about genomic testing, prevent hospital readmissions and use geolocation technology to avoid unnecessary testing in ERs.

The new additions from the Blueprint accelerator class digital health companies brings its portfolio to 68. Check out the eight new companies to see what other technology Blueprint Health is bringing to the table.

Bind Health aims at preventing future parents from poor genomic testing during pregnancy. The company helps parents make better, more informed decisions for genomic testing as well as provide them with genetic counseling services.

The counseling service is $100 per session and are personalized so families get the best advice specific to them.

Crediyo helps medical practices decrease the amount of payment write-offs as well as improving cash flow. The company helps these places of practice figure out a patient’s financial responsibility and provides patients with loans that are meant to pay for expensive medical procedures.

Ekovia seeks to recruit top talent for hospitals, initially focusing on a nursing staff.

According to Blueprint’s statement, “They monitor the number of online data sources to identify top job candidates and assess their interest in new opportunities.”

Get Compliant seeks to make it easier to collect patient information and make it comply with HIPAA regulations. It’s also intended to prevent the spread of the information by tracking how the documents get copied and pasted into the medical practice’s staff web browsers.

MedPilot works with healthcare providers to help patients resolve outstanding medical bills before sending them to debt collections. They offer patients billing discounts, customizable payment plans, and advocacy services.

OculusHealth collaborates with medical practice to deliver out of clinic care for patients who have chronic conditions. The company also helps arrange contact between patients and providers in between necessary office visits.

Psocratic “helps companies and academic institutions improve the productivity of their staff and students,” according to a company statement.

The company identifies stressed employees and students, provides training in time management, productivity and resilience. It also gives an assessment of the organization’s mental well-being.

TrackER is a smartphone app that can be downloaded after discharge from a hospital that notifies client hospitals when a prior patient is admitted to its own or another hospital within 90 days of that discharge. It’s talking with Massachusetts General Hospital to pilot its technology.

Photo: Flickr user Ted Eytan