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You could soon get a health assessment by simply checking out your reflection in a smart mirror

What does your face say about your risk for disease?

The way your face looks can say a lot about your health, and soon, you might be able to get direct feedback from simply looking in a mirror. Not just any mirror, though.

Wize Mirror will use 3D scanners and multispectral cameras to analyze someone’s face by looking at fatty tissue, skin tone and facial expressions. Not only that, it will have gas sensors that are designed to take samples of a user’s breath to tell how much they drink or smoke. The cameras can provide information about heart rate and hemoglobin levels, and the scanners can look for signs of stress and anxiety.

The mirror only takes about a minute to analyze the user’s face, and then it provides a score to indicate how healthy you look. Following the results, it also provides some tips for how to improve your health and change your lifestyle, as New Scientist reported. The main diseases the mirror will likely detect are cardio-metabolic diseases.

A team of researchers from several European Union countries are working to develop Wize Mirror with the help of EU funding, and they plan to go into clinical trials by next year. The project is being coordinated by Sara Colantonio and her colleagues from the Natural Research Council of Italy.

Photo: Flickr user Dean Shareski