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DynoSense raises $9.4M for Star Trek-like health scanner

In a similar vein to the Star Trek health scanner, Bay Area startup Dynosense is developing a handheld digital tool that can scan for 33 different health metrics – such as BMI, blood pressure and activity level.


This one’s straight out of Star Trek.

Bay Area startup DynoSense is developing a health scanner that can gauge heart rate, blood pressure, hydration and activity levels and a lot more –  in less than a minute. The company just raised a $9.4 million Series A round to build out its technology.

The handheld device captures 33 health metrics in total, including vital signs, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen levels, activity and sleep levels, and more. It then stores and analyzes the data on the company’s cloud computing platform, and churns it out for physician use. The device will be extendable through an API – so third parties will be able to integrate the data into their own software.

The idea with the Dyno device is to allow patients to be monitored remotely for physiological changes – ideally helping prevent disease, grow efficiency, reduce costs and improve health outcomes. It should have particular use in the elder care, chronic disease care, telemedicine, consumer health and hospital discharge care markets.

In true Star Trek form, DynoSense CEO Saeed Azimi boldly goes where many digital health companies are hoping to go:

“Our mission is to be at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution, a market anticipated to reach more than $26 billion by 2020,” he said in a statement.