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Watch: Elevator pitches from the CONVERGE Startup Showcase

Each startup company must master their elevator pitch. At CONVERGE the startups featured presented theirs on camera.

At CONVERGE this week, several companies presented at MedCity’s Startup Showcase. They each recorded their elevator pitches.

You can watch each one below:

Allazo Health (personalized medication adherence)

Apervita Inc. (health data analytics marketplace)

Bind Health (genetic test provider)

Biomeme (smartphone-based DNA detection platform)

Conceivable (fertility program)

emocha (remote patient management platform)

Entopsis (diagnostics platform)

Gray Matter (smart mouthguard for athletes)

Haystack Informatics, Inc. (privacy monitoring application)

iTakeControl (rare disease management platform)

Muses Labs (personalized treatment Alzheimer’s patients)

Neutun (tracking software for epileptics)

PainQx (pain measurement technology)

Populytics (population health analytics)

Position Health (providing past health information to current ER doctors)

Regroup Therapy (personalized mental healthcare)

Sisu (pipeline to bring medical devices from design through sales)

SmartPlate (health management with food monitoring)

Tap Genes (family health engagement platform)

The Medical Memory (video-recorded patient/doctor conversations)

Upstream Health Systems (population disease prevention platform)

Windgap Medical (next-generation EpiPen)

Not included: Tal Medical. But you can watch Tal Medical CEO Jan Skvarka’s interview at MedCity CONVERGE here.