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Looking for ICD-10 coding tools? Here’s my list

A full list inside. But do any of them do the job?

For the last couple weeks I’ve been on a search for software based coding tools that are used for coding ICD-10 diagnosis codes for the purpose of claims submission. I’m looking for something better than a glorified text search tool and something less than a high-cost, CAC/NLP-based module that’s bundled with an EHR or that must be integrated into an EHR. Something that can be used by coders and physician’s alike. A tool that runs on a tablet; preferably without always needing an internet connection. Something that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg.

BTW, that’d be code S58911A for losing the arm and S88011A for the leg. 🙂

I’ve scoured the internet. I’ve reached out to some medical coding associates. I’ve queried my followers. I’ve created a blog post outlining the functionality I would like to see in an ICD-10 diagnosis coding tool and repeatedly shared it out to my network. I even created an online survey.

Here’s what I found. I’ve noted why I think they’re not what I’m looking for.

Product Vendor Impression
AAPC Coder AAPC Online only
Code Manager Elite AMA Online. Very rudimentary.
Code Search e-MDs Simple text search
Codefinder 3M Fat client
CodeRyte CodeAssist 3M In the ballpark
Cypher ICD-10 Logic In the ballpark
Dragon Medical Advisor Nuance New. High end.
Encoder Pro Expert Optum360 In the ballpark.
Encoder Pro Professional Optum360 In the ballpark..
ezCAC ezDI API? Not standalone. High end
ezCDI ezDI API? Not standalone. High end
Flash Code Flash Code Solutions Similar to Optum Encoder tools
ICD-10 Coder Ultimate Super Coder PC-based
Problem (IT) IMO API. High end.
Select Coder Decision Health In the ballpark.
TruCode Encoder TruCode API? Hard to determine

My Findings

So I’ve found about five ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding Tools that are “in the ballpark.” But none of these operate on a tablet and all require an always-on Internet connection.

What am I doing wrong? Where am I not looking? Am I being unreasonable? Can someone point me to the ICD-10 diagnosis coding tool I’ve described at the start of this post? If so, please, please, please contact me.

If you can’t help me but can share any info about your experience with ICD-9 coding tools, please take my survey.

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