This week on MedHeads: Will Theranos successfully rise above the criticism?

Theranos has come out swinging against The Wall Street Journal amidst a series of articles raising questions about the validity of its blood testing tech.

Theranos has come out swinging against The Wall Street Journal following a series of articles questioning the science behind the diagnostic company’s blood testing tech, which involves taking a miniscule amount of blood from a fingerprick and evaluating it for different conditions.

It’s a unique position for a company that’s been valued at $9 billion and has enjoyed so much undiluted hype prior to and after receiving its first FDA clearance for a diagnostic test over the summer.

This week on MedHeads, life science reporter Meghana Keshavan and medical device reporter Nicole Oran will be joined by moderator Chris Seper to talk about the fallout, and whether Elizabeth Holmes has effectively deflected the criticism.

Tune in to MedHeads at 4 pm Eastern Friday when the reporters discuss whether Theranos has been dealt a debilitating setback or just a flesh wound.

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