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Women could soon be using a “smart” menstrual cup instead of the traditional alternatives

A “smart” menstrual cup could do more than help women monitor their regular cycle.

Most women are using sanitary pads or tampons for monthly menstruation, but there is an alternative that is gaining traction – the menstrual cup – which is more environmentally friendly on its on, but could now also be a source of information via smartphones.

Fertility and menstruation tracking applications are very prominent at this point, but Loon Lab has created a menstrual cup, which is raising funds on Kickstarter currently, that can actually measure, analyze and track women’s periods – and it eliminates any risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

How it works: The cup has three sensors embedded in its base, which can send information to a user’s smartphone app. One cup has six months of battery life, and it can not only alert the user about cycle changes and general alerts, it can also detect if fluid is unhealthy and could require a doctor visit.