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Morning Read: Risky pharmacies are getting completely cut off

Also read some Novo Nordisk bravado, the last word on Perrigo-Mylan and the Democratic presidential debates (yawn).


The medical industry is going to have a hard time arguing that the Martin Shkreli-drug inflation-Citron Research controversies of the last several months have been bad for healthcare consumers. U.S. drug benefit managers are moving on excessive pharmacies. This may be bad news for pharma companies that relied on the fat. It will be good news in the long-run to create a more honest healthcare system. – Reuters


Will the issue of tax inversions be the price-spike controversy of 2016? Ireland is changing its laws. But that didn’t stop this hard look at Pfizer’s moves. – The New York Times

Novo Nordisk, as always, is walking with swagger. CEO Lars Sorensen said the company “had never been in a better position” and dismissed critics that say the company is too dependent on diabetes. In short: We’re not Sanofi, he said. – Financial Times

Belgium’s Ovizio Imaging Systems has raised $9.1 million to expand its product and to add another 15 members to its R&D team. The company makes cell counting solutions. – PE Hub

The last word on the Mylan-Perrigo failure – and it has nothing to do with healthcare. “Since 2000, completed takeovers of unwilling targets have been worth less than $10 billion each, according to Dealogic. More often, a takeover target that starts out hostile will eventually give in after the acquiring company raises its offer or the target finds a so-called white knight to buy it instead.” – Fortune

French biopharma Genfit will launch a phase 3 study of its NASH disease treatment by the end of the year. It’s targeting 2019 for approval. – Reuters

Clinical trials provider Bracket has named Aptiv Solutions co-founder J. Matthew Bond as its chief financial officer. – PR Newswire


Cincinnati’s UC Health just revealed that an e-mail glitch sent about 1,100 patient records “to an address not authorized by its domain.” – Cincinnati Business Courier


Adam Goulburn has been named a partner at Lux Capital. He’d already been working with Lux, covering emerging technologies worldwide in the areas of healthcare and life sciences.


The Democratic debates continue to be a snoozer. You know this because they spend time talking about the merits of a single-payer system that is simply not realistic in this political environment. – Medical Daily & The Chicago Tribune

In a shocking development, high-deductible plans are like crappy car-insurance policies. – The New York Times

AstraZeneca hits the panic button on British funding of superbugs and the need to support private industry. – BBC


Beautiful sentiments about healthcare’s role in the French tragedy. – ZDoggMD

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