Validic inks deal with Quintiles to do remote monitoring for clinical trials

The move will help Quintiles improve the frequently costly, lengthy recruitment process for clinical trials.

Validic, a company that provides the means to de-silo data from connected devices to support the Internet of Things, has partnered with CRO behemoth Quintiles, according to a company statement.

Validic claims the partnership will help Quintiles improve the frequently costly, lengthy recruitment process for clinical trials. Through Validic the data will give detailed insights into a patient’s daily and overall health (from wearable and connected devices) allowing Quintiles and other CROs to rapidly identify whether a participant is a good match for a clinical trial (such as their sleeping regularity, activity level, blood pressure levels, etc).

This kind of partnership will support the push to provide remote monitoring for clinical trials — something the pharmaceutical industry has been experimenting with for some time.

The partnership will provide a way for clinical trial participants to submit their vital signs through a mobile device to clinicians. It will trim costs from trials by negating the need to conduct in-person evaluations. Remote monitoring will also help researchers identify potential drug side effects more quickly, shortening trial lengths.

It will also help monitor the long-term efficacy of the drugs following a clinical trial. Researchers can gather data from users to determine if the drugs or therapeutics are continuing to have the intended effect. If they’re not, pharma companies can make adjustments or recall products sooner.

John Reites, Head of Digital Health Acceleration at Quintiles, said in a statement: “We believe that these new data sources will simplify and enrich the broader research experience for our biopharmaceutical customers, researchers and patients.”

Although Quintiles isn’t Validic’s first CRO partner, it’s certainly the largest.

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