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Spring-based wearable device could help those with certain neurological conditions walk again

Cadence Biomedical gets the thumbs up from a peer-reviewed publication concerning its Kickstart device.

For some patients who have suffered strokes, spinal cord injuries or other neurological conditions, walking again can be an immense challenge. Cadence Biomedical has created the Kickstart device, which uses spring-based technology to help those learning to walk again. It announced today the first peer-reviewed publication that indicates the promising effects of the device.

The study, published in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation International, is the first indication that the Kickstart has had proven results and is a viable option for those in need of therapy.

The clinical case series demonstrated the outcomes of patients who had previously plateaued in their progress to walk and how use of the Kickstart both during physical therapy and at home increased their results.

According to a statement: “The study found that in each case, walking speed and endurance progressed for each patient, with improvement of walking distance ranging from 1.8 to five times farther as a result of using Kickstart. All patients were able to walk an average of two times faster than at baseline.”

“It’s immensely gratifying and encouraging to see clinicians using Kickstart to speed up improvement for their neurological clients, even up to 20 years after their injuries,” Cadence co-founder and COO Brian Glaister, said in the company’s statement. “This paper represents a critical dataset showing Kickstart’s efficacy as a therapeutic tool, which we hope will make a difference in the lives of many more stroke survivors and help to transform health outcomes.”

Photo: Screenshot via Cadence Biomedical