Why did a video of a pediatrician showing how to calm a crying baby go viral so fast?

If there was a clear recipe for why certain videos go instantly viral, we’d all be stars. So how do we break down certain video breakthroughs?

It can be challenging to understand why certain videos online go viral and some remain largely unseen. But there are some answers to why this is the case, some that healthcare entrepreneurs looking to market could keep in mind in the future.

A recently highly-viewed video was of a pediatrician, Dr. Robert Hamilton, demonstrating how to calm a crying baby with a particular holding technique. This got nearly 2.5 million views in just the past three days.

Healthcare social media professional and Pulse + Signal founder Andre Blackman offered some insights into why this, among many other videos that are being shared, has made an exceptional impact.

His commentary included these major points:

  • As with any piece of useful communication material, having a clear focus on what you’re going to learn is vital. The title of the video hones in on a very specific action item that you will get educated with (learning to calm down a baby quickly).
  • Also, the title indicates ONE thing to do – not “top 5 ways to…” which we see often times as articles. There is something great about being able to digest one piece of vital information that is very attractive and shareable.
  • This is definitely something MANY parents and people in general will want to know – that’s obviously a very important piece for looking at the video but also sharing it (e.g. “holy crap! I have to send this to Joe and Mary because they are struggling as new parents!”)
  • There is a credible source associated with it: a pediatrician. Something else that enhances the reason why others would share rapidly
  • Finally, the video is well produced and features people everyone can identify with: real parents.


Photo: Screenshot via Robert Hamilton’s YouTube