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Health IT salaries average 6 figures (infographic)

Health IT professionals continue to make good money, according to a new survey from HIMSS.


Health IT professionals continue to make good money.

In a new survey of 1,900 people from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, the average salary in health IT came in at $111,387.52, while the median was $90,000. While there aren’t comparative numbers from a year earlier due to the changing nature of the survey pool, 77 percent of respondents said that they had received a raise as of June 1, 2015.

Those employed by consulting firms made the most, an average of $140,971. Surprisingly, people at multihospital systems had the lowest salaries of this survey pool, at $99,305, though those in corporate offices of health systems did far better, according to the survey.

Titles of those surveyed included CEO, CIO, CMIO, CNIO, clinical systems analyst, IT project manager and sales manager, among others. Executives naturally earn high salaries. However, even those considered “associate staff” pull in an average of $69,104, according to the 2015 HIMSS Compensation Survey.

“With regard to the specific roles that are in demand, other research has consistently told us that individuals with a clinical background are in demand in the industry,” Jennifer Horowitz, senior director of research for HIMSS North America, said in an e-mail. “This includes clinical application support professionals, clinical informatics professionals and IT executives with a clinical background such as a CMIO or CNIO.”

Salaries in this survey were higher than in a poll released last month by That study showed that women earned nearly the same as men. The HIMSS version had more of a disparity, with men earning more than 25 percent more than women.

Image: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society