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#jpm16 buzz Day 3: Let’s just call it a ‘re-calibration’

At least genomics and health insurers are smiling.

JP Morgan Healthcare 2016

It’s always hard to tell in the eye of the JP Morgan Healthcare conference storm, but it sure sounds like everyone is trying harder than usual to convince anyone who will listen about their plans for the year – rather than announce the big blockbusters (which happened last year).

Maybe it’s Pfizer and Allergan trying to get beyond the taxes and pump their pipelines, or the medical industry pushing back on digital health hype? Perhaps it’s the continued mixed performance of drug stocks this week?

There are shining stars: genomics and health insurers, primarily. But maybe it’s best to put it this way: “After five years in which biotech shares seemed to go nowhere but up, investors may need to re-calibrate their expectations for how these stocks behave.”

Notable headlines:

You know its mid-JP Morgan week when the glamour shots come out


Photo: Flickr user Wally Gobetz