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#jpm16 Day 1 Buzz: Let’s get prepped, let’s get funny and let the deals begin

Here’s your morning JPM Healthcare 2016 roundup as Day 1 gets underway.

JP Morgan Healthcare 2016

We are awash in what-JP-Morgan-Healthcare-2016-means conversations. But, more important, we have that rare animal known as biotech humor.

Via Forbes: “The Etiquette FAQ”

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Q: Any juicy stories about past conferences?

A: Well there’s a story about an IR firm that threw a reception filled with … oh never mind, I’m sure it’s not true.

Via Bruce Booth: “Sentiments Likely To Be Overheard At #JPM16”

“We’re sort of like Third Rock Ventures…” Overheard from VC’s trying to explain their strategy to others, reverting to analogies to convey the promise and the dream. Kudos to TRV for crushing it.

Once again, biotech barely passes its Phase 1 humor trial.

Follow #JPM16 as it happens

Twitter will always be the most immediate stream of #JPM16 info. The team over at STAT will be liveblogging JP Morgan Healthcare 2016. Meanwhile,  you can always try to view the conference webcasts.

Pre-Day 1 deals and headlines

Thanks, Obama


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