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Vivex Biologics gets $6.6M for next-gen implant tech

Vivex Biologics is in the midst of raising a $10 million round to support its advanced tissue and bone implants.

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Georgia-based Vivex Biologics is developing a suite of bone and tissue implants – offering grafts and fillers that help with spinal fusion and void filling.

The startup is in the midst of a $10 million fundraise, having brought in $6.6 million thus far, according to a regulatory filing. The company raised $7.2 million in 2013 as Series A preferred stock; this fundraise is considered Series A convertible preferred stock.

It offers a number of products – such as AlloGen, an amniotic fluid therapy that’s full of growth factors and cytokines that help with wound healing, cell proliferation and tissue protection.

Rather than viewing implants as simple support structures to be inserted into the body, Vivex contends “that implants can be active biogenic systems that align and resonate with human cellular chemistry.” It’s developing a new line of grafts and implants that could help in terms of regenerative medicine, pain management and therapeutics.