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Abbott is on a roll with acquisitions – next on the list: Kalila Medical

Abbott is taking the new year by storm with two acquisitions in two days. We’ll see what company will be snatched up next.

Yesterday Abbott announced that it acquired point-of-care diagnostics company Alere for $5.8 million. Today, they’ve announced another – Kalila Medical for an undisclosed amount.

Kalila Medical

Kalila Medical, based in Campbell, California, has developed its Vado steerable sheath and won 510(k) FDA clearance for the device in April 2014. Kalila’s device is designed to address atrial fibrillation and heart rhythm disorders, serious conditions that increases the risk of stroke. Currently it is very undertreated and there isn’t a lot of technology designed to address the condition specifically.

Abbott’s electrophysiology GM Michael Pederson said in a statement that the launch of Kalila’s sheath device will be initiated in the next coming weeks both in the U.S. and Europe.

Maybe Abbott will reveal yet another acquisition tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted.

Photo: Screenshot via Kalila Medical