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Morning Read: Pfizer co-launches healthcare accelerator around sleep, stress, aging and beyond

Also, new views on the “war on sciences,” depressing stats about caregivers and more evidence on the right way to encourage wellness.

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Pfizer’s consumer healthcare division has launched a new health technology accelerator with the help of the education company Galvanize. They’re looking for 10 companies in areas such as sleep, stress management, energy, aging, and nutrition. – MobiHealthNews


Stryker has purchased Physio-Control for $1.2 billion. – MarketWatch

The FDA rejected that Merck’s Zetia-Vytorin reduced the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with coronary heart disease. Merck is examining next steps. – Reuters

I don’t know if it’s fair to say there is no “war on science” or that ignorance and fear are fair excuses for things like opposing vaccinations. But this is a point well taken for healthcare leaders looking for a more science-based country: “Stop with the hubris and stop with the bold confidence that everything you say and do is right.” – Scientific American


Fifty percent of caregivers in a new study spend 28 hours every week assisting loved ones. You can imagine the financial and social impact. – Reuters

More evidence that stick works better than carrot in wellness: offering $42 per month for hitting basic fitness goals was as effective as not offering anything at all. But if you tossed in the risk of losing any financial incentives you already gained, people would step up.  – ScienceDaily

There is a large percentage of the medical profession that disagrees with this statement: “We want to be sure that as we create doctors, we aren’t sacrificing human beings.” – The New York Times

Here are some nightmare stories around India’s pharmacovigilance program. – Reuters


Here’s what the worst state for telemedicine is doing to get better. – Health Care Law Today

The new Samsung Galaxy S7s will continue to keep health as a main focus. – TechCrunch


Are cancer patients more vulnerable to Obamacare snafus? – Associated Press


This just came out and you’re going to see a lot more of it. No more cat videos? I may just TAKE UP smoking.

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